Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Bailey's Bachelorette Bash

The posts that are the hardest to write, interestingly enough, are the events that touch my heart the most. Let's see if I can somehow put my bachelorette party into words.

Immediately after my bridal shower (which I will recap as soon as I get photos), my sisters Brittany and Brandi, friends Stephanie and Julie, and I went to the bachelorette party. My third bridesmaid Tory was supposed to be there as well, but she skipped because she was at her boyfriend's sister's birthday party. (That's all I'll say about that.)

We went to Evansville to Evansville Escape, an escape room. I had done an escape room before with Andy in Louisville and had a blast, so I couldn't wait to do it with my girls! Unlike the Louisville escape room, Evansville Escape really got into character. We opted to do the "Taken" room, and they literally handcuffed and blindfolded us. Brandi cracked a joke about it being 50 Shades of Gray and we all laughed.

We opted to play for fun, which meant we were able to get clues on how to escape. It's a good thing we did, because we definitely needed them! The Criminal Justice major in the crowd (me) was no help, instead watching the clock and letting everyone else solve the puzzles. We made it out with 6 minutes to spare!

After the escape room, they asked where I wanted to go for supper. "You're the bride!" So off to Chipotle we went. At dinner, we made our plans for the rest of the night, when suddenly exhaustion hit me. I mean, "ready to go to bed at 7:30 pm" exhausted. So I decided we were just going to go back to the hotel and play a few board games.

When we got back to the hotel in Owensboro, Brandi decided to leave for the night, leaving me, Britt, Stephanie and Julie all together to hang. I think Brandi might have felt left out because the four of us have known each other for 4 years, while Brandi had just met Stephanie and Julie that day.

The minute we sat down on the beds, Julie was fast asleep! So Stephanie, Britt, and I stayed up late to talk. The three of us stayed up until 1 am!

Unfortunately, I had forgotten my medicine, so I had trouble falling and staying asleep. I was up again at 3 am, 6 am, and then at 8:30 am for the day.

After we ate breakfast and checked out of the hotel, we decided to walk the riverfront. We ran across a local church (Settle Memorial UMC) hosting a service at Smothers Park so we decided to join them! Singing worship songs with Stephanie and Julie was like the Wesley Foundation all over again. I'll admit, I teared up thinking about it and about how lucky I am to have these ladies in my life and how happy I am that I get to be Andy's wife in a matter of weeks.

After the service we ran into a woman that Julie knows. It's a long story, and it's not mine to share, but it was definitely a God thing to see her again. The church was having a picnic, so we joined her for lunch and to chat a while. 

Then, we walked the park-- I showed Stephanie around our award winning playground for when her little girl gets old enough to play there (Side note: Stephanie is pregnant!!! She's my first close friend to be pregnant and I'm so stinking excited for Baby Owen's arrival in October!!!) We then walked down to Cold Stone Creamery so Julie and Stephanie could get ice cream (I hate ice cream and didn't feel like eating anything else) and talk some more.

Before we knew it, it was 2 pm and time to go home! We parted ways, with plans to hang out again after I am moved into my new house.

I haven't seen Stephanie and Julie in over a year, but we picked up right where we left off. It was so great seeing them again. I forgot how amazing it was having my closest friends to share my heart with, and worship God with. I can't even begin to describe it. This weekend was exactly what my soul needed and I am so, so blessed. 

And with that, the countdown to the wedding is on! 

Friday, May 20, 2016

The Aetherlight: Chronicles of Resistance {Game Review}

I received a copy of this product in exchange for an honest review.

Anyone that knows Andy knows he is a kid at heart. He quotes children's movies them on a regular basis, and sits down in the aisle at LifeWay to watch Veggie Tales. So when I had the opportunity to play a new Biblically-based video game called The Aetherlight: Chronicles of Resistance I knew Andy would be excited.

The Aetherlight is a multiplayer video game with RPG elements. The characters goal is to bring restoration to Aethasia by liberating themselves from the king. Sounds familiar? That's because it's based on the Bible story of Abraham. Featured as characters as Sarah (Selina), Abraham (Alexander), Ishmael (Ishaan), Satan (Lucky), The Scarlet Man (Jesus), and God (The Great Engineer.)

Andy has played plenty of video games, and said this one was as enjoyable as the secular ones he has played... in fact, more so because it's Biblically-based. In his words, "The other Christian video games I've played have been kinda terrible, but this one was actually really good." He commented on the high-quality graphics in this game. He also noted that various elements reminded him of the secular video games he has played. Don't believe me? Take a look for yourself!

The game does come with an option for a chat box. Parents have the option of allowing their child to use the chat box. The chat boxes are monitored, so if you say something inappropriate, your chat box will be disabled, as Andy and I learned.

One of the coolest things about this video game is it even comes with a family reading plan. What better way to let the allegories of the game sink into your child's mind than discussing it with them!

The game is free until you reach a certain point. From there it is $9.99 per episode, which, in my opinion, is quite reasonable. Unfortunately, right now all they have is episode one. I'm not sure when episode two will be released, but I know Andy is definitely looking forward to it.

Friday Confessions

Happy Friday! I can't believe another week is down and we are THISCLOSE to the wedding!!! Eek!!!! So much excitement that I can't even stand it. Last Friday I took the day off from work to pay final balances on everything and do a few wedding things around the house and it was a much-needed day to get things done. The nerves are going away and all I feel is excitement... although my eye is twiching a lot lately so maybe the stress isn't gone yet! Anyway, time for some good ole confessions!

I confess... On Monday morning I accidentally tucked my skirt into my panties at work. Thankfully I didn't get too far down the hall when my friend stopped to tell me. BRB, still dying of embarrassment.

I confess... I put in my two weeks' notice at work yesterday and I am so sad! I love my job! But I'm so excited for the future.

I confess... I may or may not have ordered like 6 books on marriage recently. Shout out to whichever blog friend told me about ThriftBooks, where I bought 6 used books for $25 plus free shipping! Also, Lydia bought me another marriage book that I almost bought myself last week! She is seriously the best!

Speaking of Lydia... I confess... I bought a plane ticket to California!!! I'm going to visit Lydia for a week while her husband is deployed. I'm so, so excited!!!! I'm so thankful Andy is letting me go out there just a month after the wedding. He was like "Military spouses have each other's back. I get it. I also hope someday when I'm deployed and we have kids that someone will repay the favor." You know what else is exciting? My plane ticket was only $350 round trip thanks to my Southwest Airline points! Booyah!

I confess... my Google/Facebook stalking game is so intense one time I found out a guy I was talking to's dad was an Army 4 star general. (Tip: don't make your dating profile your first and last name.) I forgot about this until Andy and I were looking at all the Army generals on Wikipedia over the weekend and seeing how many he could recall off the top of his head and I was like "HOLY CRAP I FORGOT ABOUT THIS GUY I TALKED TO ONCE FOR LIKE 3 WEEKS AND HIS DAD BEING A 4 STAR". So basically.... my fiance knows I'm a creeper. And he still wants to marry me.

Happy Friday, friends!