Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Criminal Justice Department Senior Dinner

Thursday, December 5th was the senior dinner for the Criminal Justice department. It was smaller than we had planned, thanks to an ice storm headed our way.

It was a combined meeting with LAE (the Criminal Justice club) and we held officer elections since the President (me) and Secretary are graduating. Then, we dined on Fazoli's and chatted for a while.

As one of my professors was leaving, it dawned on me that I'll never have another class with him again. Never again will I hear stories about his "children" (his farm animals) or listen to stories about "Johnny Boy" or "Sally Girl". I didn't appreciate it while I had the chance and now it's too late.

The 21 year old woman that is taking his grad-level course is no longer the 18 year old girl that sat in his Intro class during her first semester of college. My first semester I thought he was scary and college was hard and I would never make it through. I was so naive, so young, so new to life... and looking back on it, being a Criminal Justice major opened my eyes. The world isn't so innocent as the one I had lived in previously. I grew up so much in those 3.5 years of college.

Honestly, I wouldn't have picked this major if he didn't pull me into his office after class and tell me that I'm a bright student and really understand the material. Sure, I may not want to work in the field, but I've still enjoyed all of my classes and learned so much. That professor is the reason I realized that that I can make it through undergrad and go on to grad school, that I don't have to spend the rest of my life in poverty, that I can make something of myself.

And I never even said thank you.

Today, I'm going to write that professor a letter and thank him for all he's done throughout my college career.

Enjoy college while you can, friends. It goes by way too quickly.

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  1. This makes me so happy! It's wonderful to know that you've learned and appreciated so much through your college career! Definitely bittersweet! :-)