Thursday, January 9, 2014

Elizabeth College Awards and Robing Ceremony

It's here: the first of my graduation day posts. 

On the morning of graduation, Elizabeth College held a small ceremony to celebrate their December 2013 graduates. They awarded the Outstanding Academic Achievement and Bearer of the College Shield awards as well as held a robing ceremony for the grads.

Unfortunately, my college head Dr. Coleman wasn't able to be in attendance, so the former Elizabeth College college head Professor Valentine filled in for her, with the resident director assisting.

Professor Valentine shared some words about how special Elizabeth College is to its members, and how Elizabeth Hall (the "family dorm") is the heart of Elizabeth College. He then explained the awards that I would be receiving-- Outstanding Academic Achievement was given to the person with not only a high GPA (mine was second-highest) but who also serves the Lizo community while Bearer of the College Shield was given to a person who served Lizo. During my time as a student-member of Elizabeth College, I was on the Residential College Council, served as Executive Assistant to the College Head for a semester and continued to serve our college head by working in her office for 3 years. Professor Valentine noted that it was the first time that he could recall in 15 years that both of these awards went to the same person.

Then, it was time for the robing ceremony. The other Elizabeth College grad who was in attendance at the ceremony was pinned with his replica Elizabeth College shield pin, while I was presented with my stole to wear with my cap and gown. As Shield Bearer, my stole was unique because it had iron-on patches of the Elizabeth College Shield. Professor Valentine had asked me earlier in the morning who I wanted to do the honors-- it could be a member of Lizo or of my family-- and since my college head wasn't in attendance, I asked my mom to put the stole on me. She was surprised, as I didn't mention it to her before.

I am so honored to have lived in Elizabeth Hall while I was in undergrad and to be a lifelong member of Elizabeth College. Lizo truly is the "family dorm" and I already miss my family. Lizo, you know!


  1. Very cool! Congratulations on such a wonderful achievement!


  2. How wonderful! Such amazing achievements.

  3. that really is such a great name ;) and congrats!!!