Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Get Out of the Rat Race and Pursue Your Dreams

Ever since I graduated college (a long, long time ago... well, it feels that way anyways) I've pondered whether I want to live in the "rat race" of cubicles and office jobs. I've always thought there is more to life than being safe in my career. When I heard Drew and Kristina's story, I was intrigued and knew I had to support them by sharing their story.


Drew moved to Austin, Texas to pursue music but ended up in a marketing job. A year into her job, she realized she was unhappy, so she left her job to move to Nashville and pursue her dreams of music. Her friend Kristina was also unhappy in her "safe" job and also left her job to follow her dreams of being an entrepreneur by opening an Etsy store, Nine89 Vintage. Throughout their 2 month journey throughout the United States, where Drew will be performing and Kristina will be taking her shop on the road, Drew and Kristina will be blogging and meeting fans and customers. If you're in a city where Drew and Kristina will be stopping, they would love to meet you!

Kristina told me this, and I found her message so inspiring that I had to share it in its entirety with you:
I think people my age are stuck in this pattern--they are following some sort of unspoken law. They have gone to school, they graduate, get a 9-5 and then eventually get married. I too was like that. A little over a year ago I was in a safe and comfortable relationship, just graduated college from The University of Alabama and was on my way back home to Atlanta to find a job. Part of me wanted to travel, move to another city, join the Peace Corps--something! My boyfriend wanted to stay, so I stayed. Right after I moved back home, he crushed me and broke it off. I was stunned and lost, but you know what? It was THE BEST thing that has every happened to me. Something changed inside of me and I went backpacking across Spain, I moved to Austin and everything was falling into place.  I think it would be interesting to shine light on our story and remind people that they can think outside of the box; they don't have to let dreams fade away. Roll with the punches and stick your neck out there!
Kristina, I couldn't have said it any better myself! Life after college is more than just the rat race... There are dreams to pursue and passions to explore.

For more information on Drew and Kristina's story, check out Kristina's Etsy shop (Nine89 Vintage), Drew's Facebook Page and Drew's websiteFollow Drew and Kristina on Instagram at @DrewDavisMusic and @kmodares and on Twitter at @drewdavis_music and @kmoadares.


  1. Hey Bailey! This is an awesome post! Never heard of the term "rat race" before, but that definitely is a great way to describe the pattern of finding work and moving up in the career in office jobs, etc. I totally agree with you that there is more to life than being safe in a career. I've been struggling with this though. At my college, it's all about getting internships, making connections and getting jobs. While there is so much more going on at my campus--emphasizing service, leadership, research, etc, there is such a pattern and a mold most students fall into. It was enough to make some of my friends consider transferring. But I think you're right--a career could be a dream, but it's about pursuing your real dreams and aspirations. It's not about feeling safe or comfortable--it's about doing what makes you come alive. This can be why I haven't had motivation or time to do internship applications yet! And who knows what will happen, but I believe it will all turn out for the better! Sorry for the long comment, but this is definitely something more people should think about!

    xo, gina

  2. Hey Gina! I hope you find inspiration and don't get caught up in something too comfortable ;) college is a great way to test out different options, make amazing connections, and figure out what you may want out of life. Yet, it is also easy to get very comfortable and stagnate in day to day living. I would suggest finding a mentor who lives the life you want to live. Good luck in college!


  3. Thanks for sharing this! I love hearing about people who aren't afraid to go against the status quo. It's especially cool if they are able to pave their own creative path and make a living out of it. I'm inspired!

  4. This is a really good post. I always say college and a desk job are not for everyone. I love my job but when I was in college I thought I would be stuck at a horrible job. Too often people are scared to do the "untraditional jobs" like being a dancer, or artist, etc.. It's always good to remind people to live their dreams and not just keep on dreaming. It can happen!