Monday, June 23, 2014

"Spreading Joy Daily" Book Review and Giveaway

I will be completely honest: I can be one of the most selfish, joyless people in the world. I tend to get focus on me (especially when I'm not right with God!) and forget about other people too. Sure, things have been rough for me lately, with losing my first job and struggling financially. But, I am blessed, even when I don't feel like it. One of the best ways to feel blessed is to bless others.

So when Marie from Spreading Joy contacted me about reviewing her book "Spreading Joy Daily" I knew I'd really like it. But first, a background on Spreading Joy: Marie created Spreading Joy Corporation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization devoted to spreading joy. All of the staff are unpaid volunteers who generously donate their time to spread joy all around the world.

"Spreading Joy Daily" is a book full of 365 great ideas to spread joy each day for an entire year. It gave me so many great ideas on how to spread joy to others. The book even comes with cool cards that you hand out when you pay for someone's meal; the best part is, you can get these cards for free when you send in a self-addressed, stamped envelope. For example:

  • buy muffins for my co-workers
  • donate old blankets, sheets, and towels to a homeless shelter
  • donate movies and books to a battered women's shelter 
  • pay for groceries for the person in front of you in line
The Spreading Joy website even includes some great tips on how to spread joy to others, here and here.

This book reminded me of all the times people in my life have shared joy with others. For example, my Mamaw is a hoarder. Now, you wouldn't think of hoarding as being generous, but she is constantly buying things for me to show me she loves me. (I've convinced her to stop buying clothes that don't fit in exchange for buying me Chocolate Cake Donuts.) Another example: Momma was in line at the grocery when a soldier in front of her was buying a single apple. He didn't have any money, so he was going to put it on his credit card. Momma paid for his apple, even though our own money is tight, because she wanted to help him out just like others have helped my family out.

Marie gave me an extra copy of "Spreading Joy Daily" so that one of my readers can spread the joy. I felt like that wasn't enough, so I've decided to throw in a $10 gift card of your choosing (paid for out of my own pocket) to bless you or someone you know. The giveaway starts on June 23rd and ends on June 30th at 12 am. Contest is only open to US residents aged 13 and older.

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How do you spread joy?


  1. This book is such a great idea! I hope to win this. I know this is something I would really enjoy reading and putting into action!

  2. What an amazing book!! I am so sorry you are having a rough time. I will pray for you

  3. Thank you Lydia and Lauren for stopping by and reading Bailey's review!

    have fun Spreading JOY and making a difference!


  4. Bailey, thank you so much for taking the time to review our book and for spreading the word about Spreading Joy Daily!



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